#iwill trip to Liverpool

by Jaide, Leon and Tom
#iwill goes to Liverpool

in January 2018, members of the #iwill group went to Liverpool to visit the Museum of Homelessness during its residency at the Tate. we hoped that we would learn more about the different issue of homelessness across the UK and the different solutions used to help.

They asked us which questions we should be asking local councils about homelessness and these are some of our ideas.

We didn't agree with all of the ideas we heard, but it gave us a lot to think about. It also made us realise that there's a massive stigma about homelessness and about hostels.

Leon: "At first i wasn't optimistic, kind of worried it wouldn't be good. My views and opinions have all changed, I was mesmerised by the museums and I feel like it opened up my eyes to the world and how others view homelessness."

We got the chance to explore Liverpool too...

Arron: "I enjoyed the comedy club.. Would 100% go again."


Jaide: "First time on a Ferry, good experience and overall good trip."

The world museum

Tom: "Fun learning about traditions and history of the World.