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In 2017 Digartref applied to be part of the Comic Relief #IWill initiative and were lucky enough to be successful.


The aim of this project is to encourage young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate in and lead youth social action.


We started work on the #IWill Project in November 2017 and have been involved in a variety of projects including helping the local council review the Homelessness Strategy and working with the health board to develop Crisis Cards for people experiencing a mental health crisis.


One of the things we want to do most as part of the #IWill project is to challenge the stigma around youth homelessness.  Last year as part of the Community Voice project we took a debate about Youth Homelessness to the Welsh Assembly and shared our views and experiences with Assembly members.


We decided that what we wanted to do next was share our stories with a wider audience and we thought the best way to do this was to produce a film. We contacted TAPE Community Music and Film in Colwyn Bay and asked them to help us plan, direct and produce a film to help us share our experiences. We hope to complete this film during 2018.