There are a total of 9 bed-spaces of temporary, shared supported housing at our Holyhead project. This scheme is for young people with support needs and provides 24 hour staff cover, offering a safe and comfortable place to live together with support preparing young people for independent living, assistance to move on to permanent accommodation and encouraging well-being and future development. Alongside the main project are two 2-bed bungalows to provide the next step move-on accommodation, learning to house share with another person.

​At our community based project there are two x 2 bedroom flats available which are fully self-contained which can accommodate a young single person, a young couple, a single parent or a young family. This is also a 24 staff cover scheme, deemed unsuitable for shared living or requiring a lower level of support. 

Furthermore, there is also a 3 bed house for a young family. This is to offer support to a young family who are at risk of homelessness and who need support to learn how to maintain a tenancy.

To make a referral or seek advice and assistance you can:

Telephone: 01407 765557
Email: llysreferrals@digartref.co.uk